Saturday, October 8, 2016

MRX Technologies

Monte Carlo-Zurich-New York-London-Hong Kong-Tokyo

MRX provides proprietary innovation of advanced technologies specific to:
AI, Sensors, Robotics, Drone, Quantum Technology, Nanotechnology, Material Science, 3-D Printing, Intelligence, Aerospace,  Defense, Energy, Medical, Data Science, Deep Learning, Big Data, Machine Learning, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Counterterrorism, Homeland Security, Synthetic Biology & Cyberwarfare.

In 2018, MRX remains privately held, with operations in over 125 Countries,
comprised of more than 350 Corporations, employing over 21,000,
generating annual revenues of $24.9B USD. 

The MRX Group provides initial meeting and strategic alliance strategy consultations with Global Corporations, Heads of State and Ambassadors with Plenipotentiary Authorization, Governments and Lobbyists from $3M USD.

MRX provides and assists Governments and Global Corporations with: Back Channel Special Envoy, Technological Diplomacy, Countermeasures for cyber, technological, corporate, industrial, commercial, intelligence, political, foreign government and economic espionage, Multinational Political, Diplomatic and Corporate Relations, Monetizing Political and Corporate Intelligence with Global Arbitrage, Providing direction of international affairs to multinational corporations, Back Channel Diplomacy, Back Channel Diplomatic Strategies and Services, Technology Innovation for Intelligence Dominance, Achieving and maintaining global technological superiority.

Founded by Neil Gerardo in 1976 in the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago and with a continuous presence on the Internet since 1995, MRX provides advanced technologies for the Department of Defense, the State Department, the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security with the interdisciplinary research and development required to establish and advance the underlying enabling technologies.